The Verado Story

VeRado is a high quality unique beaded and charm range of jewellery which has three dimensional life-like detail. The range consists primarily of bracelets and necklaces which are designed and created by you, the individual. VeRado offers a kaleidoscope of hand-crafted Murano Glass Charms, and fine quality 925 Sterling Silver, and certain categories are embedded with precious or semi precious gemstones and are hand-set by qualified craftsmen.

The VeRado range is an affordable quality alternative to the Thomas Sabo range of jewellery.  The story of the Thomas Sabo Company started in the 1980s: in 1984, the jewellery enthusiast and self-made man Thomas Sabo set up his own jewellery company with its headquarters in the historical town of Lauf a der Pegnitz in Bavaria – and gave this enterprise his name. The Thomas Sabo Company was to stand for high-quality silver jewellery with a special design quality from the very outset.

With an astonishing sensitivity for the material, love of detail and a sixth sense for design and trends, Thomas Sabo and his Design Director, Susanne Kolbli lent all subsequent collections their own unique style and gave the brand a distinctive face. In doing so, they created not only a completely new look – they also managed to establish an entirely new market segment.

The VeRadorange offers customer a viable alternative with jewellery manufactured to the highest standards and sold at very affordable prices. Even the most discerning Thomas Sabo customer will be happy with the quality and value offered by the VeRado range of jewellery.